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House Of Worship is a church that believes in Jesus and the bible. We love God, we love people and we love seeing lives being changed through God’s love for us. Through our teaching, worship and everything else we do, our aim is to bring God glory.


We want to help you find life, hope and purpose in Christ. It is our desire to create a place where everyone belongs – a house for God and a home for you and your family. Through church life, our aim is to guide you, equip you and impact every area of your life. Our prayer is that you will discover your God-given purpose and destiny.


  • There is one Sovereign God, revealed in Scripture as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  • The Bible is God’s word - written by Man, inspired by God. It shows us how to live our lives.

  • Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. Eternal life is a gift from God and salvation cannot be earned by anything we do.

  • The Gospel teaches repentance, water baptism and receiving of the Holy Spirit. We are committed to the teachings of Christ.

  • The church is a community of believers. We gather together in love and unity to glorify Christ.



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